Vision and Mission




  • Vision of the Institute is:

 To achieve the vision of the University “striving to be one of the leading African Universities with international reputation by 2025”.


Mission of HiT is:

  • To generate new knowledge through cutting-edge researches.
  • To promote academic excellence in the country by offering quality undergraduate and postgraduate training programs
  • To identify national and global needs and strive to meet these needs.
  • To develop the human resource that the Agriculture, industry, commerce, etc. need.
  • To undertake collaborative projects with industries

Core Values 

Haramaya Institute of Technology is committed to the following core values:

  • Academic freedom: A strong commitment to a free and democratic academic environment where individuals inquire, investigate and engage in relevant academic practices and development.
  • Perseverance: A commitment and dedication to perform assigned duties to the best of one’s knowledge and abilities.
  • Good governance: The practice of democratic, transparent, inclusive, responsible and accountable leadership and management and promotion of the principle of equal opportunity.
  • Respect for diversity: A culture of equity and fairness in all forms of practices; a conviction for the respect of all people without sexual, class, racial, ethnic, religious, and regional discrimination.
  • Professionalism: A commitment to a high standard of professional integrity and ethics.
  • Collaborative spirit: Culture of working cooperatively within the University and with other stakeholders; developing the “we” spirit and joint responsibility.
  • Fostering creativity/innovation: Develop a culture for  generating new ideas, processes, services, technologies and entrepreneurial skill.
  • Respect for Nature and Environment:  All endeavors of the university should be environmental friendly


The goal of Haramaya Institute of Technology of Haramaya University is to evolve as an autonomous and independent (academic and research institution) graduate and research university with a competitive national and international quality and relevance standards in its academic, research and community services endeavor.