Civil Engineering

Department Overview

Background of the department 

Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering which is Civil Engineering program at Haramya Institute of Technology in Haramya University.
Civil Engineering is the oldest amongst all Engineering professions. Civil Engineering has the most immense and the widest range of sub-disciplines compared to other Engineering disciplines and one of the most comprehensive branches of the Engineering discipline. Civil Engineering is a branch of the “Engineering Sciences” which offers the most service to people and the surroundings in which they live and Bachelor–undergraduate program students learn the fundamental sciences and engineering knowledge related to various engineering disciplines. Civil Engineering is related to whatever serves human life, either directly or indirectly such as services relating to Structures, Roads, Water-Supply and Sewerage systems, Environment, Surveying works etc. which in turn links all the stages of these services project works starting with the Idea, Studies and Planning, Design and Stipulations, Execution (Implementation) or (Construction Stage), Site Supervision and Operation and Maintenance.
Our department has experienced significant change and growth since the year of inauguration. Civil Engineering Department is the Current name of the Department. Initially, it was named as Civil and Urban Engineering Department. Civil Engineering Department at Haramya Institute of Technology that strives for excellence in teaching and learning, research and, and community service. The Department on behalf of it effectively manages and teaches the large population of students to the required qualification so as to respond the need of the government transformation plan as well as support the growth and competiveness of the construction industry in Ethiopia. At our department, students are not only taught to develop a high skill of the application of science and mathematics, but also management, and communication skills as well. Our focus is on people and graduates are responsible for the infrastructure we rely on daily and are trusted with the task to ensure that we are safe and that we have clean air to breath, clean water to drink and clean soil to grow our crops.
We would like to welcome you and invite you to explore what our Department has to offer in terms of excellent engineering programs and a dynamic research environment as a community engagement that serves our community and works to find solutions to real world problems in addition to the teaching and learning processes. Our research portfolio is strong and diverse but focused on protecting our society and our environment. Working together in education and research, we aim to contribute to the development of a more sustainable economy and environment.
At present time, we offer two academic programs under Civil Engineering Department: Regular undergraduate program (B.Sc. in Civil Engineering) and Non-undergraduate program which is Continuing Education Program (CEP) (B.Sc. in Civil Engineering). Also currently, we are making a good progress toward installing best modern laboratories for all the branches of Civil Engineering streams in addition to the existing laboratory with new additional laboratories equipment at our new laboratory.
Our Department is excited and proud to have near recently to introduce three new graduate programs focus on options Construction Technology and Management, Highway Engineering and Structural Engineering for the first time.
Overall, our Department has grown in size, offerings, presence, and visibility. Most importantly, our Department is fulfilling our mission by providing the most competitive environment, to educate our students, develop the research needed to create new knowledge, provide the necessary technology to lead the sustainable and effective community urban development, the sensitivity to protect and restore the environment, and provide the most appropriate labor force to lead the socio-economic development by means of the most competitive professionals, citizens, and human beings. Our Institute, administrative personnel, students, and partners are committed to excellence by facing the new challenges of the profession and forming the most competitive professionals to serve our people and resolve Civil Engineering and Surveying problems.

Vision of the Department:

Becoming one of the competent Civil Engineering Department at Africa level among the similar departments exist  in the country by 2025 through increasing the number of graduate programs, improving  the quality of education system and increasing the services.


  • To prepare our graduates to apply basic and advanced engineering knowledge, skills to the design, analysis and research of engineering systems
  • To prepare graduates to compete successfully in today’s job market and for life-long learning
  • To provide the fundamental high quality engineering education needed to design, construct, protect and maintain our infrastructure and environment as well as serving our community to solve problems.

Contact information


Mr. Belete Tefera
Head, Department of Civil Engineering
Haramaya Institute of Technology,
Haramaya university

Mobile:  0911317569
Haramaya, Ethiopia