Food Science and Post harvest Technology

Department Overview

Food Science and Post-harvest Technology program is one of the ten undergraduate level programs offered under Haramaya Institute of Technology (the then Institute of Technology), Haramaya University, Ethiopia. The Department with its current name established and admitted its first batch students during 2015/16 G.C as upgrading from the former Department (food science and technology which was established during 2002 G. C). The department for the first time officially graduates its first batch students in the upcoming 2018/19 G.C. with B.Sc in Food Science and Post-harvest Technology.

Currently the department is running one four year B.Sc. and two M.Sc. degree programs. The department has a carefully designed curriculum which offers a wide range of knowledge in all aspects of Food Science and Post-harvest Technology. Its major areas includes food chemistry, food microbiology, food quality assurance, food processing and preservation technologies, Post-harvest technology, food analysis, food biotechnology, food product development and marketing, food industry management and research techniques in food science and Post-harvest technology. Its primary aim is disseminating knowledge, skill, attitude and technologies through quality teaching, research and its applications in Food and allied disciplines including food industries. The department of FSPT is an interdisciplinary subject that comprises; Science, Nutrition and Technology as core professional competences in all aspects of food sectors.


The department aims to be one of the best departments in Haramaya University specifically and Ethiopia at large in the teaching -learning, Research & Technology Transfer and community services.


Within the teaching -learning, research and community engagement process, the mission of food science and Post-harvest technology department is to create an educated, productive & responsible citizen, to conduct problem solving researches, to provide satisfactory services for the society and to play a great role for the development of the country.

Objectives & Demand of the Program

The prospective students shall be enabled to develop skills, academic values and professionalism oriented towards solving problems of food safety and Post-harvest losses. The students shall be educated to develop soft skills such as entrepreneurial skills, effective communication skills, team work, and management skills in addition to abilities in various areas of food science and Post-harvest technology. The Bachelor of Science Program in Food Science and Post-harvest Technology aims to produce graduates who are well equipped with skill and basic knowledge in Food Science & Post-harvest Technology, capable of integrating the gained knowledge and applying it fruitfully for the benefit of the society and the country, with professional ethics in their mind and responsibilities in their related career practices or in doing research and development works.

Therefore, the study program is organized to equip the students with knowledge, skills and attitudes of:

  • Basic Sciences:– Highly interdisciplinary knowledge in basic sciences, mathematics and engineering sciences shall enable the professionals to follow any post-harvest changes (chemical, microbiological, biochemical and physical) “from farm to fork”.
  • Microbiology and Food Hygiene:-   The graduates will be equipped with knowledge and skills to control, prevent or solve hygienic problems.
  • Nutrition: The graduates will be equipped with knowledge of malnutrition and deficiency diseases; food formulation and fortification, food security and nutrition strategy.
  • Analytical / HACCP Techniques and Food Quality:- The graduates will be equipped with knowledge of standards of national and international laws and needed analytical techniques and their application for food products.
  • Process Technology/Process Engineering :-  Knowledge and appliance of process technique and the accompanied changes and optimization of the process based on knowledge of mathematics, engineering and computer sciences.
  • Process Control and Instrumentation  The graduates will have the ability to control various parameters and to make use of the available and ever changing techniques to obtain products of sustainable quality even when the raw material quality may change.

Contact information


Ms. Mewardi Yousuf

Head, Department of Food Science and Post-harvest Technology
Mob: + 251 982974603




Undergraduate program 

  • Food science and post-harvest technology (four year duration)

Postgraduate programs 

  • Food science and technology- a two (2) year M.Sc program
  • Post-harvest technology-a two (2) year  M.Sc program

Future plan of the department

The department has a plan to upgrade itself to a school level according to the newly launched structure of. To this end, the department has already finalized its preparation to begin a three year human nutrition program at undergraduate level in the 2018/19 academic year.

Facilities for teaching-learning and research activities

  • Laboratories

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