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Welcome to Haramaya Institute of Technology (HiT), Haramaya University

HiT is a place for building basis for technology
Thank you for visiting our website.
I am pleased to give the first message as HiT Scientific Director for our website, which highlights several major accomplishments. Our Institute mission focuses on offering quality engineering education to produce competent engineers; conducting need based researches and providing technology based community services that improve their daily life.
HiT is one of the Technology Institutes in Ethiopia established in 1997. It is located in eastern part of the country, Haramaya University. Currently, to attain its mission the institute has been structured under ten programs at BSc level, eight MSc and two PhD programs. Each field of study is well organized with qualified professionals, reference materials, laboratories and workshops that can promote quality of education.
Our students, staff, and administrators, stand out for their commitment to academic excellence, entrepreneurial spirit, diversity, vibrancy, and creative innovation.
HiT’s year by year progress needs appropriate documentation and needs access to the world community. Changes made in academic, research, community engagement, and efforts made on facilities to have practical oriented learning teaching needs to be seen. Thus, the idea of having its own website for HiT sown in 2017 has quickly come to fruition, and the institute is growing into strong sapling.
I am proud to share these achievements with you and thank all the members of the HiT community who have played an integral role in our success.
Therefore, I would like to invite organizations and individuals in land or abroad to work with HiT in the areas of researches, community services and capacity building as well.

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