ICT Services

About ICT Development Team

  • Prepares strategic plan for the expansion, maintenance and security of Network
    infrastructure, Corporate Information System, Web-based Content Management, E-Learning, etc.;
  • Develops, reviews and enforces guidelines for the construction, maintenance and
    usage of Network infrastructure, bandwidth, Corporate Information System, Webbased Content Management, E-Learning, etc.
  • Administers physical Network environment fiber routes, UTP routes, routers,
    switches, servers, power backups and other installed devices in the system;
  • Design, implement and/or customize Network infrastructure, Software applications,
    Content Management Tools, E-Learning Systems, etc.;
  • Controls Network security at all levels including desktop, services, network and the
  • Ensures proper operation and integrity of the whole Network system, Corporate
    Information System, Web-based Content Management System, E-Learning System,
  • Ensures that hardware/software application server platforms are up-to-date,
    accessible, secure and operating normally;
  • Develops academic resources like classroom technology, laboratories, etc.
  •  Supports Computer LABs of HiT
  • Performs and/or administers the maintenance of ICT related facilities
  • Provides ICT services like web-hosting, email, updates, etc.
  • Runs ICT related training

ICT Development team

  • Haramaya Institute of technology
  • E-mail: ict@hit.edu.et
  • Tel:Office:


Operational areas include

  • ICT infrastructure development & services
  • Business application development & administration
  • Teaching and learning technologies
  • Customer Support
  • Training & Consultancy